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How to Store your Maple Syrup

• Maple syrup is a natural product with no preservatives so once it is opened it must be stored in the fridge or freezer

• All grades of maple syrup are boiled to the same density and differ only in colour and flavour

• Maple syrup maintains its freshness best when kept in the freezer

           o Keep a bottle in the fridge for table use and fill as needed from a bottle of syrup in the freezer

           o Let syrup from freezer reach room temperature, shake, fill bottle for table, and return to freezer

• You may pour the maple syrup from a large container into smaller glass jars (leaving ½” air space) to be stored in the freezer and taken out as needed

• Maple syrup can be left at room temperature for several months in an unopened container but freshness is better ensured if stored in the freezer

• Maple syrup should be removed from tin containers after opening to avoid taking on a tinny taste

• If crystals form, maple syrup is still good 

• If mould forms on top of the maple syrup, the maple syrup should not be eaten