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Wheelers Forest & Farm Museum

Home of over 600 vintage chainsaws & unique farming tools

Vernon Wheeler grew up in the forests of Lanark County.  The Maple syrup season only lasts for a couple of months in the Spring so he has always spent the rest of the year either logging, farming, or building log homes.  Whatever Vernon is up to, there is usually a chainsaw nearby.  From the early days of skidding with a team of horses at the home place, to our current management and thinning of the sugar bush with the Log Skidder, Vernon enjoys the wholesome living of working in the bush.  

Out of his lifelong affection for working in the forest and using chainsaws, Vernon has developed a passion for collecting unique and interesting saws.  He marvels at the ingenuity of previous generations and strives to build this collection to pay homage to those that got us to where we are today.  He has amassed over 600 antique chainsaws along with many other interesting logging related items.   Some chainsaws came from right here in Lanark County and Eastern Ontario but Vernon has also found saws from all over the World collecting many on trips to the New England States, Quebec, and as far away as British Columbia and Alaska. 

The Logging and Chainsaw Display is open whenever the pancake house is open.