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Grades of Maple Syrup

Grading of Wheelers pure maple syrup is based on colour and flavour. The lighter the colour, the milder and more delicate the flavour.  The darker the colour, the richer and stronger the flavour. People tend to choice their grade of syrup based on how it will be used. Amber is our most pooular grade of maple syrup, as it has a rich, full-bodied but not overpowering flavour. Dark or very dark maple syrups have a robust taste and tend to be used for cooking purposes. 

Cool weather and clean, fresh sap make lighter syrup.  Warm days later in the season result in darker syrup.  All grades of maple syrup are the same thickness and sweetness.

Colour classes are based on % light transmittance (Tv) through the maple syrup. For example. the lightest colour in our grading system has a light transmittance of 75% or greater.