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Custom Blacksmithing – Tim Wheeler

Tim is pleased to accept custom orders.  Items for your home, garden, or work can be customized to suit your personal tastes and needs. Tim can be reached by telephone at (613) 278-2090 or by email at timwheeler1@gmail.com.  On Instagram @timwheeler1




(613) 278 – 2090


1001 Highland Line, McDonalds Corners (Lanark Highlands),      Ontario, Canada, K0G 1M0

Tim Wheeler – Blacksmith

Tim had always said that if he lived 100 years ago he would have been a blacksmith. He was fascinated by what could be done to steel with fire and a hammer. He eventually realized that he didn’t need to live in the past to become a blacksmith. The role of the blacksmith has altered over the years but many things have remained the same and Tim has enjoyed learning the traditional skills.

Tim opened his blacksmith shop at Wheelers Pancake House in 2004. Since then he has been making unique hand forged items for sale. Using a traditional coal-fired forge, each piece is heated to 1500-2000°F, allowing it to be formed into functional and artistic pieces. Tim fashions a variety of items out of steel, including sign hangers, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, shelves, side tables, candle holders, fireplace implements, and plant hangers. A number of some of the smaller items are displayed for sale at the Pancake House.