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Wheelers Teepee







It was the First Nations who discovered Maple Syrup many years ago.  We are confident that the First Nations were the first people to make maple syrup on the land Wheelers now call home.  To pay homage to the First Nations for their discovery of maple syrup we erected this Authentic teepee.

 A teepee is a tall, cone-shaped tent that is made by stretching buffalo skin (or other materials) over a skeleton of wooden poles, all slanted towards a central point and tied together near the top. A flap at the top allows smoke to escape, and a flap at the bottom served as a doorway.

Our teepee is open for visitors to enter and explore, so come on in! In the winter, the teepee offers shelter from the wind and cold. In the evenings, we sometimes have bonfires inside, just for fun!