613-278-2090 PANCAKE HOUSE CLOSED. PREARRANGED MAPLE CURBSIDE ONLY: CALL 613-278-2090 webinfo@wheelersmaple.com

Groups Visiting Wheelers

10+ people coming to eat?  Call us at 613-278-2090 to have a table waiting! (Except weekends and holidays in March & April) 


But normally…

We LOVE groups!  Retirement homes, families, travel tours, clubs, schools, we love you all!

We are open to the public 9am – 3pm everyday and will accommodate groups large groups during or after hours.

We take group reservations for meals in the pancake house all year, with the exception of weekends and holidays in March and April.  Normally in the pancake house it is a first come, first serve style of table assignment.  If you a large group that will be coming on Spring weekends every effort will be made to have you seated as a group in a timely manner. 

School groups are welcome May – February to ensure everyones optimal experience.