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Wheelers Bulk Maple Syrup Sales

Step up your offerings by adding Wheelers pure Canadian maple syrup to your menu or product line. Your customers will taste the difference!

With unlimited culinary possibilities and a wide array of health benefits, pure Canadian maple syrup will set your business apart from others.

We offer our maple syrup in bulk to suit all of your business’s needs, from 4 litre jugs or cases of smaller bottles to 35 gallon barrels of maple syrup for your restaurant or commercial needs.

If you are interested in:

Restaurant/Commercial use of Wheelers Maple Syrup (i.e. 4 Litre Maple Syrup Jugs) please contact Tracy Wheeler at 613-278-2090 or [email protected]

For 35 gallon barrels of Maple Syrup please contact Vernon Wheeler at 613-278-2090 or [email protected]